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Indiana Phones is the only provider of Android Tablets Pacific Beach residents need to call on. With expertise in all of the most common repair services, our technicians have what it takes to bring even the most damaged phones back to life again. 

We pride ourselves on quick turnaround times so that you can get back to work and play ASAP. And the only thing more competitive than our low prices is our 90-day warranty on all parts and labor. 

Get in touch now to learn why we are the best Pacific Beach Android Tablets repair for all your needs. 

Our Services

Screen Repair

Damaged screens are one of the most common problems with the Android Tablets, but that doesn’t make them any less troublesome. Whether it’s a hairline crack that’s just annoying or a spider web of broken glass that makes your phone completely unusable—the result is the same. Your phone is not operating the way it was meant to. Let us replace your screen and bring back its full range of functionality.

Rear Glass

Rear glass is one of those necessary evils on your Android Tablets On the one hand, it allows features like wireless charging. One the other, it’s one more point of vulnerability. But if your rear phone glass gets shattered or otherwise broken, you don’t necessarily need to replace the entire phone. We can help you find an affordable solution to get it up and running again quickly.

iPhone Back Glass

Rear Camera

Are your photos coming out blurry, corrupted, or otherwise just not right? Bad photos aren’t always the fault of the photographer. If you can’t get a good shot on your Android Tablets not functioning at all, or it’s just not performing up to snuff, let our guys find the best fix for you.

Front Camera

Facetiming and taking selfies just aren’t the same when your Android Tablets front camera isn’t working. Depending on what you do for work or school, you might even be unable to participate in required video chats. But whether it’s a break in the glass or an entire camera that needs to be replaced, we can help.

Proximity Sensor

You might not even know what it is, but your Android Tablets proximity sensor is the device that allows it to automatically turn the screen on when you hold it up to your face and off when you bring it down. It might seem like a little feature, but it can save you a lot of battery in the long run. When your sensor collects dirt and dust, or suffers damage from other sources like water, it might work inefficiently or not at all.

Headphone Jack

Smartphones account for more than one-quarter of all of the time that people spend listening to music. So you can imagine what the world would sound like without headphones. When you can’t plug in your earbuds, it can be hard to tune out the world and tune in to your music. Whether your headphone jack is just clogged up with dust or legitimately damaged, we’ll diagnose and correct the issue.

Ear Speaker

Believe it or not, people do still actually use their smartphones to make calls. You might even be one of them! But when dirt or water gets into your phone and damages the speaker, calls may come in grainy, distorted, or completely unintelligible. But it's rare for ear speaker damage to be unrepairable, and we can help you find an affordable and speedy fix.


Microphone issues can range from minor software issues to major phone damage. The cause could just be some gathered dust. Or it could be a busted connector. Whatever the source, the problem for you is the same: your voice comes in fuzzy or not at all on calls and video chats. But you don’t have to suffer poor calls forever. And a damaged microphone doesn’t mean that you need to completely replace your phone. Let our Pacific Beach Android Tablets repair technicians find you a solution that works.


A malfunctioning speakerphone can lead to anything from inconvenience to danger. You won’t be able to prep dinner while you take a call anymore. And worse, you may find yourself tempted to hold your phone while you drive. That’s not just illegal in many states—it’s dangerous everywhere. Your speakerphone is also where music and other audio plays from. So whether the problem is with hardware or software, we can help you solve any speakerphone issues that your Android Tablets may be experiencing.

Volume Button

Busted volume buttons are a nuisance. Sure, you could always just use the system volume control. But that’s such an interruption when you're in the middle of your favorite tunes or about to beat that level you’ve been working on for hours. The most common culprit is overuse that causes the button to disconnect from the phone interior. But regardless of the source of damage, we can find the right fix for your Android Tablets.

Power Button

Is your power button stuck or malfunctioning? While you might not need to power your phone up and down too frequently, it’s still important to have the functionality available. After all, some of the most annoying Android Tablets problems can be fixed with a simple hard reset. So let the pros at Indiana Phones help you ensure that your power button is working correctly.

Home Button

When your home button doesn’t work, your phone is basically unusable. There are just too many functions that rely on this key feature of almost every phone. Sometimes, the button isn’t completely inoperable. Maybe it’s just not reading your finger print anymore. Or maybe it gets stuck. Or maybe it’s slow to respond. There’s a wide range of things that can go wrong with your home button, but we can help you diagnose the issue for free and find the best way to fix it.

Battery Replacement

Do you find yourself charging your device multiple times a day? Unless you are putting your Android Tablets to some seriously heavy use, the battery should last for 8 - 10 hours or more. If yours won’t hold a charge, it may be time to replace it. But trying to do so yourself could lead to unintentional damage and even more costly repairs. Let us give your phone the life time it was meant to have with affordable battery replacement.

Charging Port

The only thing worse than a dying battery is a port that won’t let you charge it. Sometimes, you’ve got to twist the cord to all sorts of weird angles to get your phone to charge. Other times, no matter what you do, you can’t charge it at all. It’s just stuck at zero percent, dead in the water. Whether it’s a faulty connection or a software issue, we can help you figure out why your charging port isn’t working correctly and get it up and running again in no time.

Call Today for the Best Android Tablets Repair in Pacific Beach

When your phone isn’t working right, it can feel like your life isn’t working right. Simple things like checking the weather or pulling up driving directions are now a burdensome chore. You don’t need a long technical explanation of the problem. And you don’t need expensive prices for underwhelming service. You need trained professionals who can fix your problem fast, at a fair price. And that’s exactly what Indiana Phones has to offer—with a 90-day warranty on all parts and labor. So get in touch today and let us diagnose your issue absolutely FREE.

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