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Sherman Heights

The historic Sherman Heights neighborhood is located in San Diego, California. This neighborhood is named for Matthew Sherman, a San Diego mayor who purchased 160 acres of land in 1867. Many beautiful homes were built in the neighborhood between the 1880s and 1920s. Today, the neighborhood is home to a diverse population, including a large percentage of immigrants.

Among the immigrants who settled in Sherman Heights in the 1920s were Germans. Japanese and Africans also flocked to the neighborhood in the 1940s. However, during the 1970s, the community began experiencing a rough period. In fact, during the 1980s, a number of residents left the neighborhood in response to highway construction.

Today, the city of San Diego has designated the Sherman Heights district as a historic area. Most of the real estate in the neighborhood is rental. Approximately 91 percent of the residences are renter-occupied.

According to the US Census Bureau, 50 percent of the residents of the Sherman Heights neighborhood earn less than the median income. There are a few day care centers and preschools in the neighborhood. These childcare options include Joyful Noise Daycare, Gaslamp-Urgent Care, Grace Kids Two and Mount Erie Trolley Pre School. For parents with full-time jobs, these childcare centers are important. Check this out.

Children in the Sherman Heights neighborhood are able to play in playgrounds that offer great recreational facilities. Additionally, the neighborhood has a large concentration of small living spaces. If you are interested in a new home, you can find several listings for houses and apartments in the area.

There are six rentals available in the Sherman Heights neighborhood. Rental rates range from $1.1K to $2.1K per month. Those who wish to purchase a home in this neighborhood can find listings that include recently sold, new home construction, foreclosures, and more.

The median real estate price for homes in the Sherman Heights neighborhood is $920,444. It is more expensive than 68.4% of the neighborhoods in the state of California. The majority of homes in the neighborhood are either single-family or apartments.

Many of the homes in the Sherman Heights neighborhood are small. Nevertheless, the property is still highly sought after. With a population of approximately 3,400, this neighborhood is densely packed. You can find a variety of dining and shopping options in this area. Some of the favorites are Panchita’s Bakery, Chula Tacos, The Mission, Influx Coffee, and Poppy’s Patio.

Those who live in the Sherman Heights neighborhood are located only 10 blocks from Petco Park. Although the neighborhood is urban, it has several parks and playgrounds. Other amenities in the area include a recreation center and a museum.

Sherman Heights is located between G Street and Imperial Avenue, from north to south. The neighborhood is bordered by Interstate 5 to the west and Highway 94 to the north. As a result, the commute to downtown San Diego is not very long.

There are three homes for sale in the Sherman Heights neighborhood this month. One is currently listed for $630,000, another is for $325,000, and the third is for $410,000. Read more here.

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