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Valencia Park

Valencia Park is an urban neighborhood in the southeastern portion of San Diego County. It is bounded on the north by Emerald Hills, on the east by Alta Vista, on the south by National City, and on the west by Market Street. The city is home to many canyons, steep slopes, and rolling hills.

Valencia Park is a diverse community. There are plenty of things to do in the area. For example, you can get a great burger at Burger King or order tacos from New Orleans Cuisine & Catering. You can also grab brunch at Joe’s Wings & Fries. Moreover, you can check out the local parks and playgrounds.

If you’re looking for an urban setting with a lot of amenities, you should consider Valencia Park, CA. This San Diego neighborhood is located close to the airport. Also, it has good demographics and schools.

When it comes to the weather, you can find a nice temperature in Valencia Park. In terms of the air quality, you should know that it has a clean air rating. As of January 2020, the air quality in Valencia Park had an AQI of 40 for PM2.5. During the past month, the neighborhood has a low AQI of 43, which is considered good. Read on about SD.

The crime rate in Valencia Park is relatively low. However, there are still 232 sex offenders per 100,000 residents. Therefore, it’s best to choose an area that has a good school rating.

There are a few grocery stores in Valencia Park, including Market Creek Plaza, Fresh Garden Market, and Paradise Food Mart. Other shopping options include Kung Fu Tea, Cockteleria Las 3 Palmas Taco Shop, and New Orleans Cuisine & Catering.

Valencia Park is a good place to live for families. It has numerous childcare centers and daycares. Parents who work full-time can have peace of mind knowing that their kids will be well-cared for. Childcare providers like Child Care Hernandez, Mount Erie Trolley Pre School, and Little Treasures Family Child Care are among the choices in the community.

When it comes to schools, you can opt for Valencia Park Elementary School, Nye Elementary School, and Lincoln High School. Alternatively, you can enroll your child in O’Farrell Charter Schools. Lastly, you can also look into charter schools in other nearby cities.

Most residents of Valencia Park commute by car, bus, and trolley. There is also an MTS (bus) service in the neighborhood. To get around, you can use the Moovit app, which shows you the best routes and times to get to your destination. Besides, you can also get a free map and real-time directions.

Aside from these, you can find good restaurants, dessert shops, and other gastronomical establishments in the neighborhood. Among the notable restaurants in the area are Cockteleria Las 3 Palmas, Kung Fu Tea, and Joe’s Wings & Fries. Furthermore, you can also enjoy a weekend brunch at Little Caesars Pizza and Tutti Frutti.

Although the neighborhood of Valencia Park may seem quiet, you should not overlook its crime statistics. One of the census blocks in the area saw a 267 percent increase in violent crimes between 2013 and 2017. Similarly, there are two other areas that are facing an escalation in crime. Hence, it is important to keep an eye on the situation before moving into a new neighborhood. Continue reading out San Diego

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