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Mount Hope

Mount Hope is a residential community located in San Diego, California. The neighborhood is bordered by Interstate 805 to the east, Interstate 15 to the west, Imperial Avenue to the south, and State Route 94 to the north. It is a diverse neighborhood that has a high density of homes.

Mount Hope is home to a large municipal cemetery. The cemetery encompasses 115 acres. Other features include parks, a golf course, and a library. There are also a number of commercial and industrial activities. One of the areas’ most unique features is the Mount Hope Community Garden. Click here.

Since 2011, the Mount Hope Community Garden has been the place for neighbors to gather. The garden is operated by a group of volunteers and the local community. They hope to make the garden a source of sustainable agriculture in the area.

As a Christian community, Mt Hope is primarily focused on aiding Christian ministries in Northern California. The neighborhood is filled with passionate people. However, it also lacks resources. Some residents complain about the lack of jobs, education, and other amenities. In order to improve the quality of life in the community, the group is working to create a coalition with city staff.

Many of the properties in the neighborhood are single-family homes. Market Street is the main commercial street in the area. Commercial warehouses and churches line the street. People can shop for groceries at SDDC, Maria’s Fresh Foods, and Smart & Final Extra.

A number of schools are located in the area. These include Grace Kids Two, Joyful Noise Daycare, City Employees Children’s Discovery Center, and the Mount Erie Trolley Pre School. This is important to parents who have children who are attending school full-time.

The community of Mt Hope has good air quality. Last month, the air quality index for pollutant PM2.5 was 40. That is higher than the city’s average. For six days in 2020, the air quality was over 100.

Mount Hope is a community that has had a difficult past. The former manager at the Mount Hope cemetery, Manuel David Lugo, was fired for his sexual orientation. He has continued to challenge the owners of marijuana dispensaries in the neighborhood. Additionally, the city’s attorney, Jan Goldsmith, has been a long-time legal opponent to dispensary owners. Click here for more of our blog.

Some homeowners in the Mount Hope community feel as if they have been left behind. Residents claim that many of the businesses that used to be located here are no longer there. The area has a high concentration of serpentine. Those who are noise-sensitive should take this into account.

Mt Hope has a number of daycare centers. Parents who work full-time can benefit from the proximity of these centers. Several of the childcare centers are rated highly.

A number of families have been moving into the neighborhood in recent years. Most of the homes in the area are rented out. The median list price for a single-family house in the area is $637,500.

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